Momocon 2018

Momocon LogoThe developer of Aquadine will be attending Momocon 2018, which is held in Atlanta, GA, from Thu. May 24, 2018 – Sun. May 27, 2018.


Misty Chronexia, The Anime Man, Aquadine developer Brian Trieu, Akidearest

Aquadine developer Brian Trieu, Glass Reflection

Adrisaurus, Aquadine developer Brian Trieu, AmaLee

I haven’t been to a Momocon in several years, but it’s really changed since then. Never imagined I’d ever get to meet so many popular Youtubers, like AmaLee, The Anime Man, Glass Reflection, Misty Chronexia, Adrisaurus, and Akidearest. Even now, it feels unreal that I was able to shake their hands and even talk to them in person. They’re all really cool people and the con was a blast. Hopefully, we could collaborate together (or continue to) in the near future. It was such an eye-opening experience to try other developers’ projects, and learn about their inspirations behind them. There were so many kinds, like platformers, VR, card games, fighters, puzzle games, and more. They’re just as passionate as I am, and it was such a pleasure to share conversations with them. (Actually almost ran out of business cards.) I learned so much from seeing their booths and received plenty of great advice. This convention was also a wonderful opportunity to share the beautiful visuals “Aquadine” has to offer, and I am very proud of what our team has accomplished so far. Please look forward to our visual novel!


P.S. I somehow won a ticket to JapanFest Atlanta 2018, so I guess that’s our next stop.

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  1. Elijah Leonard says:

    I can’t wait to play Aquadine, it look amazing. I meant you in the Line for to get autographs.

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