JapanFest Atlanta 2018

JapanFest Atlanta logo

The developer of Aquadine will be attending JapanFest 2018, which is held in Atlanta, GA, from Sat. September 15, 2018 – Sun. September 16, 2018.


Taiko drummers

JapanFest is much more focused on traditional Japanese culture than an anime convention, but it has an area called the Anime Village that sells plenty of merchandise, has games, and shows anime screenings. Quite a few cosplayers even show up to JapanFest as it can be considered the pre-party for Anime Weekend Atlanta – one of the largest anime conventions in the southeast which always takes place the following week. Representatives from Anime Weekend Atlanta, Momocon, and more cons even come to the village to reach out to potential attendees by throwing free giveaway games. For Momocon’s spin-to-win game, I nearly won membership for next year’s event, but settled for the next best prize – a nice pin. While I was there, I got a little more information about who to email in order to get a Momocon booth next year. TV Japan, the station that aired “March comes in like a lion,” was also there, so I had a chance to meet them. Love that series by the way. I also met a lot of people who seemed interested in “Aquadine” after sharing some artwork, so I passed out business cards whenever there was a chance. My time there ended after watching a nice taiko drumming performance, and it was definitely worth the visit. I’ll be sure to come again next year.


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