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A gondolier boy gives part-time tours to pay for his mother’s hospital bills. However, he’s forced to work under another identity after failing to live up to everyone’s expectations in the past. As he lives out his double life, he meets others who are willing to help out, but they might also be carrying secrets of their own.

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Character Routes:

Aquadine character Anya says "Each and every image... every drawing taped up on these walls is like a fragment of my memories."

Aquadine character Diana says "I wanna find my purpose in life - somethin' that'll get people to recognize me..."

Aquadine character Cameron says "Anyone can achieve their goals regardless of who they are or what they are striving for!"

Aquadine character Elisabeth says "That is why I decided to help others, so they don't share the same pain I has to endure."


Aquadine screenshot Aquadine screenshot Aquadine screenshot Aquadine screenshot

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