Atlanta Anime Day 2018

Atlanta Anime Day banner

This past weekend, I attended a humble anime convention called Atlanta Anime Day, which was held at the Infinite Energy Center. Unlike the previous conventions I’ve been to, this one only took place on Saturday in three small rooms: one was for the vendors and artists, while the other two were dedicated to panels and screenings. Even though it seemed underwhelming compared to Momocon and AWA, the price of entry was only $5. From what I was told, booths are also very affordable, so I’m certainly interested in marketing “Aquadine” there next year. The advantage visual novels have over other types of games is that they heavily cater to the anime audience, so anime conventions are the ideal setting to promote. My friends noted that Momocon used to be about this small when it first started hosting events, so there’s always potential for this convention to grow.


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