Aquadine Beta Readers’ First Meet-Up

Four friends at A Hyang

Aquadine chibi figures

This past weekend, I organized a meet-up with some of the beta readers who’ve been following my stories for a while, including “Aquadine” of course. It was nice for me to catch up with them and see everyone get to know each other. They talked about which characters they like, the routes they prefer, and any criticisms they have about the story. Hearing everyone’s different opinions was really insightful, not just for me but for the other readers as well. Some of them even had a hard time choosing which character they liked most, because all of the routes are unique compared to each other. There is one heroine that they all agreed on as a strong route, but I won’t say which for spoiler reasons. Other than that specific character, the way they ranked the routes was quite different and it tells me a lot about their tastes. If it weren’t for these beta readers and friends, my skills couldn’t have grown so much over the years.

Aside from the story, they also asked me about things like when I plan on releasing the visual novel, how I will market it, and what I want to do when it’s done. I even shared my game design document with them, which outlines my pitch, what the story is about, how it’s different from other visual novels, and what the costs are. They were pretty shocked to see how expensive making a visual novel can be, yet interested to see everything about the design on paper. One of them even made cute chibi figures for the “Aquadine” characters, and the meet-up was the perfect opportunity to show them off. You can follow this artist on Deviantart (Karakau-sama) and/or Instagram (teezu_ton). Personally, I think Elisabeth and Diana’s figures turned out the best, but I’m sure others will have different opinions, just like the routes. Thanks for taking the time to read my scripts and give me feedback, guys. I really appreciate it.


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