Anime Weekend Atlanta 2018

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The developer of Aquadine will be attending Anime Weekend Atlanta 2018, which is held in Atlanta, GA, from Thur. September 20, 2018 – Sun. September 23, 2018.


Visual novel anime panel

Sekai Project booth

AWA this year was extremely fun, and I had the opportunity to go to plenty of great panels. There was one on Friday about anime adaptations of visual novels, which was held by invalidname. The very first visual novel he talked about was “CLANNAD,” because its first few scenes were so iconic in the medium. Unfortunately, there’s been a significant decline nowadays compared to the last decade, but I’m still hoping “Tomoyo After” gets an outstanding anime adaptation in the near future. Even though visual novel anime aren’t as popular as they used to be, I was glad to meet plenty of people who still enjoy them. Later that night, there was also a panel on crowdfunding, where I got to meet other aspiring artists and writers. I learned a little more about how to build an audience, and the discussions were really insightful.

Sekai Project’s attendance was one of the major reasons why I decided to go to AWA, so I spent most of Saturday visiting all of their panels. p19 and Namie, artists for visual novels published by Sekai Project, were doing live drawings while answering questions from the audience. I found out that p19’s favorite visual novel is “AIR,” and learned about what it was like for Namie to work with Japanese companies. p19 actually illustrated the cover page for this year’s AWA catalogue, and Namie has done work for “Fate Grand Order.” Both of them held autograph sessions, and I had the pleasure of meeting them personally. I’ve also spoken with Sekai Project representatives, and showed them a portfolio for my project – “Aquadine.” We got to chat with each other, and I received some helpful advice on how to adjust my game design document.

Ayu Sakata, the head of sakevisual, along with her husband, Micah Solusod, held a visual novel workshop to welcome newcomers through this art. They were answering plenty of questions, and I received advice about publishing and different platforms. Since visual novels are very niche in the states, I was extremely grateful to meet established developers such as themselves. Both of them are also voice actors, so I’m absolutely floored by how talented they are. Later that day, my time with AWA 2018 finally concluded with a Rookiez is Punk’d and Spyair concert. This convention was such a fantastic experience, and I got to show off “Aquadine” artwork to so many people. I am very proud of the work my team and I have put together so far. Maybe one day, we’ll be the ones sitting on the opposite side of the panel.


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