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Aquadine Demo is Live!

Aquadine banner

Hey, everyone! The demo for Aquadine is now available for download! You can find the links either here or on the Aquadine page! Feel free to check it out! Also, we’ll be at Momocon 2019, so come by our booth!

Download for Windows and Linux

Download for Mac OS X

Download for Android

Download for Chromebook (Slow)

The Atlanta Sci-Fi and Fantasy Expo

atlanta sci-fi and fantasy expo banner

The developer of Aquadine will be attending The Atlanta Sci-Fi and Fantasy Expo, which is held in Decatur, GA, from Sat. March 9, 2019 – Sun. March 10, 2019.

Hey, guys! I’m going to be part of a panel this Sunday at the Atlanta Sci-Fi and Fantasy Expo! It’s a free convention in Decatur, so feel free to stop by! The panel is called “writing with a visual mind.”


Atlanta Anime Day 2018

Atlanta Anime Day banner

This past weekend, I attended a humble anime convention called Atlanta Anime Day, which was held at the Infinite Energy Center. Unlike the previous conventions I’ve been to, this one only took place on Saturday in three small rooms: one was for the vendors and artists, while the other two were dedicated to panels and screenings. Even though it seemed underwhelming compared to Momocon and AWA, the price of entry was only $5. From what I was told, booths are also very affordable, so I’m certainly interested in marketing “Aquadine” there next year. The advantage visual novels have over other types of games is that they heavily cater to the anime audience, so anime conventions are the ideal setting to promote. My friends noted that Momocon used to be about this small when it first started hosting events, so there’s always potential for this convention to grow.


DreamHack Atlanta 2018

DreamHack logo

The developer of Aquadine will be attending Dreamhack Atlanta 2018, which is held in Atlanta, GA, from Fri. November 16, 2018 – Sun. November 18, 2018.


DreamHack Atlanta 2018 entrance

Dreamhack is widely known as a series of conventions where eSports tournaments take place, but it’s actually much more than that. Indie game developers, artists, and even some cosplayers show up to these events as well, so there were plenty of reasons for me to go. Even though this was my first time attending Dreamhack, I saw lots of familiar faces from Momocon, like my friends from Macho Zero Productions. Once again, they were showing their really fun board game called “Zero Inbox,” and it had plenty of improvements since they last time I met them. While we enjoyed a few games, they shared their experiences about PAX and Indie Megabooth, and also gave me great marketing advice. They’re planning a Kickstarter soon, and I’m more than happy to continue supporting them. I pretty much spent the whole day talking to developers and playing their indie games.

I actually met another visual novel developer, by the name of Fiction Factory Games, as they were showcasing their game called “Arcade Spirits.” Seeing a visual novel in an event filled with eSports was a pleasant surprise, and we shared our development experiences with each other. We’re both using Ren’Py as our engines, and we both even added voices to our games that aren’t fully-voiced lines. Since visual novels are so niche, building connections with other developers in this genre is so invaluable. One of them also streams herself playing visual novels, and you can check her out on Twitch as backseatgamingbros. Speaking of story-rich games, “Forgotton Anne” by ThroughLine Games was easily one of my favorite demos there. The visuals are so outstanding, and the animations are extremely fluid as well; it felt like I was watching and playing a Ghibli movie. You can make choices to determine the outcome of the story, much like visual novels. I had a nice conversation with both of these developers, and playing demos of their stories was an honor.


P.S. I won a pin for beating the first boss in “One Step From Eden”! That game is also pretty fun by the way, so check them out as well if you’re interested.

Aquadine Beta Readers’ First Meet-Up

Four friends at A Hyang

Aquadine chibi figures

This past weekend, I organized a meet-up with some of the beta readers who’ve been following my stories for a while, including “Aquadine” of course. It was nice for me to catch up with them and see everyone get to know each other. They talked about which characters they like, the routes they prefer, and any criticisms they have about the story. Hearing everyone’s different opinions was really insightful, not just for me but for the other readers as well. Some of them even had a hard time choosing which character they liked most, because all of the routes are unique compared to each other. There is one heroine that they all agreed on as a strong route, but I won’t say which for spoiler reasons. Other than that specific character, the way they ranked the routes was quite different and it tells me a lot about their tastes. If it weren’t for these beta readers and friends, my skills couldn’t have grown so much over the years.

Aside from the story, they also asked me about things like when I plan on releasing the visual novel, how I will market it, and what I want to do when it’s done. I even shared my game design document with them, which outlines my pitch, what the story is about, how it’s different from other visual novels, and what the costs are. They were pretty shocked to see how expensive making a visual novel can be, yet interested to see everything about the design on paper. One of them even made cute chibi figures for the “Aquadine” characters, and the meet-up was the perfect opportunity to show them off. You can follow this artist on Deviantart (Karakau-sama) and/or Instagram (teezu_ton). Personally, I think Elisabeth and Diana’s figures turned out the best, but I’m sure others will have different opinions, just like the routes. Thanks for taking the time to read my scripts and give me feedback, guys. I really appreciate it.


Anime Weekend Atlanta 2018

Anime Weekend Atlanta logo

The developer of Aquadine will be attending Anime Weekend Atlanta 2018, which is held in Atlanta, GA, from Thur. September 20, 2018 – Sun. September 23, 2018.


Visual novel anime panel

Sekai Project booth

AWA this year was extremely fun, and I had the opportunity to go to plenty of great panels. There was one on Friday about anime adaptations of visual novels, which was held by invalidname. The very first visual novel he talked about was “CLANNAD,” because its first few scenes were so iconic in the medium. Unfortunately, there’s been a significant decline nowadays compared to the last decade, but I’m still hoping “Tomoyo After” gets an outstanding anime adaptation in the near future. Even though visual novel anime aren’t as popular as they used to be, I was glad to meet plenty of people who still enjoy them. Later that night, there was also a panel on crowdfunding, where I got to meet other aspiring artists and writers. I learned a little more about how to build an audience, and the discussions were really insightful.

Sekai Project’s attendance was one of the major reasons why I decided to go to AWA, so I spent most of Saturday visiting all of their panels. p19 and Namie, artists for visual novels published by Sekai Project, were doing live drawings while answering questions from the audience. I found out that p19’s favorite visual novel is “AIR,” and learned about what it was like for Namie to work with Japanese companies. p19 actually illustrated the cover page for this year’s AWA catalogue, and Namie has done work for “Fate Grand Order.” Both of them held autograph sessions, and I had the pleasure of meeting them personally. I’ve also spoken with Sekai Project representatives, and showed them a portfolio for my project – “Aquadine.” We got to chat with each other, and I received some helpful advice on how to adjust my game design document.

Ayu Sakata, the head of sakevisual, along with her husband, Micah Solusod, held a visual novel workshop to welcome newcomers through this art. They were answering plenty of questions, and I received advice about publishing and different platforms. Since visual novels are very niche in the states, I was extremely grateful to meet established developers such as themselves. Both of them are also voice actors, so I’m absolutely floored by how talented they are. Later that day, my time with AWA 2018 finally concluded with a Rookiez is Punk’d and Spyair concert. This convention was such a fantastic experience, and I got to show off “Aquadine” artwork to so many people. I am very proud of the work my team and I have put together so far. Maybe one day, we’ll be the ones sitting on the opposite side of the panel.


JapanFest Atlanta 2018

JapanFest Atlanta logo

The developer of Aquadine will be attending JapanFest 2018, which is held in Atlanta, GA, from Sat. September 15, 2018 – Sun. September 16, 2018.


Taiko drummers

JapanFest is much more focused on traditional Japanese culture than an anime convention, but it has an area called the Anime Village that sells plenty of merchandise, has games, and shows anime screenings. Quite a few cosplayers even show up to JapanFest as it can be considered the pre-party for Anime Weekend Atlanta – one of the largest anime conventions in the southeast which always takes place the following week. Representatives from Anime Weekend Atlanta, Momocon, and more cons even come to the village to reach out to potential attendees by throwing free giveaway games. For Momocon’s spin-to-win game, I nearly won membership for next year’s event, but settled for the next best prize – a nice pin. While I was there, I got a little more information about who to email in order to get a Momocon booth next year. TV Japan, the station that aired “March comes in like a lion,” was also there, so I had a chance to meet them. Love that series by the way. I also met a lot of people who seemed interested in “Aquadine” after sharing some artwork, so I passed out business cards whenever there was a chance. My time there ended after watching a nice taiko drumming performance, and it was definitely worth the visit. I’ll be sure to come again next year.


Momocon 2018

Momocon LogoThe developer of Aquadine will be attending Momocon 2018, which is held in Atlanta, GA, from Thu. May 24, 2018 – Sun. May 27, 2018.


Misty Chronexia, The Anime Man, Aquadine developer Brian Trieu, Akidearest

Aquadine developer Brian Trieu, Glass Reflection

Adrisaurus, Aquadine developer Brian Trieu, AmaLee

I haven’t been to a Momocon in several years, but it’s really changed since then. Never imagined I’d ever get to meet so many popular Youtubers, like AmaLee, The Anime Man, Glass Reflection, Misty Chronexia, Adrisaurus, and Akidearest. Even now, it feels unreal that I was able to shake their hands and even talk to them in person. They’re all really cool people and the con was a blast. Hopefully, we could collaborate together (or continue to) in the near future. It was such an eye-opening experience to try other developers’ projects, and learn about their inspirations behind them. There were so many kinds, like platformers, VR, card games, fighters, puzzle games, and more. They’re just as passionate as I am, and it was such a pleasure to share conversations with them. (Actually almost ran out of business cards.) I learned so much from seeing their booths and received plenty of great advice. This convention was also a wonderful opportunity to share the beautiful visuals “Aquadine” has to offer, and I am very proud of what our team has accomplished so far. Please look forward to our visual novel!


P.S. I somehow won a ticket to JapanFest Atlanta 2018, so I guess that’s our next stop.


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